A Return to Star Wars Galaxies: Part Eight

Star Wars Galaxies

I wasn’t there when it all ended.  I’d stopped playing again for the second time and didn’t see as reason to be there when the lights went out.  Maybe that was selfish, considering what the game meant to me, but I knew none of those who had made the game so special for me would be there, so why attend ‘the party’

I got to sleep sometimes and wonder if I’ll ever wake up again.  Thankfully I always have, but there seem to be shadows around me of those who weren’t as lucky as I have been…’ Jericho Knox

I have to ask those of you who are on the EMU if you were there at the end.  Maybe you weren’t, maybe you’d already transitioned to the EMU since I can’t find a date it officially launched, although the bulk of articles concerning it spawned in 2012, after the demise of SWG proper.

Obviously there was a nice outpouring of support to keep SWG alive, otherwise the EMU would not be where it is today, so I’m sure those who had stuck it out to the end brought their love of the game over to the Basilisk.  I also feel there had to be a lot of stalwart pioneers, as the glut of housing shows around the various civilized worlds (although this could also be a product of multiple avatars, which I believe to be another double-edged sword for the game). 

So I’ll ask now, is there anyone out there on the EMU reading this that managed to somehow stay active from SWG launch in 2003 to EMU play today?

Reading Note: If you enjoy the nostalgia of these blogs, you might enjoy my pseudo-take on my time in SWG with my Gunsmith series.  You can get a copy here.

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  • Scott on

    Well said Jason, well said, and well done on that Jedi, that was a bitch grind!

  • Jason Douglas on

    I started playing SWG when it came out in 2003 but I didn’t stay to the end. I think I quit playing in 2007 or 2008. I played on the Bria server. My main avatar was a wookie named Cabowyla. I was in the TKC guild for a while then we changed to KT-D. I unlocked my Jedi slot after mastering 32 professions. I had a blast doing the Jedi Trials. I get on the EMU once in a while. The graphics are dated but it is still fun to revisit that galaxy far far away.

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