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D20 Past, a perfect way to expand your RPG world into the days of future... well, past

D20 Modern Wizards of the Coast

While at GenCon a few years back I picked up a copy of D20 Modern’s D20 Past supplement for a $1.00. Yep, a solid buck and this book was mine. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever use it, but I had to at least add it to my D20 Modern collection. Luckily, I was playing a small campaign in my Gun Kingdoms setting and got to employ one of the prestige classes from this book with a player. It worked well, and although we’ve since switched to the much less time consuming [on my end at least] Savage Worlds...

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5th Edition D&D Review over on Black Gate

5th Edition D&D Wizards of the Coast

Guest blogging today on Black Gate.  All you ever wanted to know about 5th Edition!

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Stormwrack, for all you 3rd Edition folks who feel the call of the sea!

3.5 Jeremy Jarvis Stormwrack Wizards of the Coast

During my days as a 3rd Edition DM I had my share of sea adventures.  In the Nameless Realms there are two great oceans, the Halo and the Mardras, and both have had their fair share of adventures set both upon and under their waves.  To help meet those requirements, I often turned to the WotC product Stormwrack and it added a great deal of content to each adventure. Today I pulled down my volume and took a look at the artwork.  Produced in August 2005 with art direction by Karin Jaques, it certainly seems to be right in the...

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Ghostwalk, a campaign setting you really must have in your collection!

Brom D&D 3.0 Vinod Rams Wayne Reynolds Wizards of the Coast

I played D&D 3rd Edition [as 3rd, 3.5, and Pathfinder] for over a decade, so I’ve got a good amount of experience with the product under my belt. That said; I’ve probably got half a dozen supplements for those games that stick in my mind as ‘must haves’, one of which is the June 2003 release of Ghostwalk.Produced by Wizards of the Coast, this 223 page campaign setting was written by Monte Cook and Sean K Reynolds. As gaming goes, it is tough to get better than these two designers, so you should know right away just how fantastic this...

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D20 Future: Star Frontiers in 2004 but also the 'new wave' of industry art...

D20 Modern Star Frontiers Wizards of the Coast

I’m a big fan of Star Frontiers, which is strange because I’ve only ever played in a single campaign of it in my life. Still, that Alpha Dawn Elmore cover always drew me in, and I have everything ever produced for it just because I love to look at it, flip the pages, and imagine ‘what could have been’ if I’d just had more opportunity and drive to make something happen in this game. Instead, I played the hell out of Robotech, but that is another story.Anyway, back to Star Frontiers. In 2004 Wizards of the Coast produced D20 Modern’s...

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