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Magic Item Compendium: The WotC reissue is more impressive than ever

3.5 Wizards of the Coast

I am often amazed at how far the realms of gaming have come, especially when I open my original basic D&D red box and see the equipment lists.  There, you can have a sword… not a longsword, falchion, kopesh, scimitar, rapier, etc, but a sword.  Yeah, when I played, that was how we did things J Still, as anything evolves, especially an RPG, the more fluff and development, the more ‘cool’ stuff is going to get created.  This even takes place as editions of the game get built, and what better place to find everything you and your players could...

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Draconomicon: The Book of [awesome] Dragons

D&D 3.0 Sam Wood Todd Lockwood Vinod Rams Wizards of the Coast

In November 2003 the OGL for Wizards of the Coast’s D&D 3.0 was in full swing.  The game was a monster hit, at least among the public, and supplements for the game were coming out at a record pace.  Enter Draconomicon.  This 286 page full color hardcover gives you pretty much all the detail you could ever want on the standard version D&D dragons, as well as adding in specialized dragons, Prestige Classes [for both player AND dragons], and all types of dragon related creatures and sample lairs. Truly, a more dragon-tastic book could not be found when looking for...

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D20 Modern, a game of anime art and strong mechanics

D20 modern Wizards of the Coast

There was a point in time when there were so many D20 games being released I had no idea what was in the marketplace.  It was during those days that I completely missed D20 modern by WotC.  Several years after its initial release, and certainly after it had already gone out of print, someone on some long forgotten forum suggested I use D20 modern if I didn’t want to try to readjust my gaming world’s current D&D 3.5 model to Shadowrun for a one-shot distant future adventure. I ended up taking their advice and my gaming experience has been better...

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