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Other than perhaps the various AD&D core books (yellow/orange spine) I find little that can inspire me more than the art of the classic AD&D module series from TSR.  Today I'm going to give you my favorite 10 images from those heady days.  Enjoy!

How beautiful is this classic Erol Otus drow priestess?  Sublime!

When I think of giants in D&D, this is what always comes to mind. Thank you Bill Willingham, and also thanks for showing me that my tanks don't need pants!

Classic good vs. evil by Jeff Dee!  Did he ever do a Kickstarter for this one?

Certainly one of the most beautiful images Jim Roslof ever created in color.  Lovely!

Everytime I see this image a voice in my head says 'MUST PLAY T1 AND BE A HALFLING!'  Well done Jeff Dee!

Need I say more than red bearded female dwarf?  Nope, Jeff Dee nailed it!

Willingham had a way with the ladies, and lightning apparently!

You didn't think I'd skip over Jim Holloway on this list did you?

Man eating frogs!  Only Erol Otus ladies and gentlemen!

There just aren't enough good monk images on D&D covers, especially ones that are dodging spikes!  Dee wins again!

I hope you have enjoyed these covers, and remember AotG needs your support with our current Folio adventure Kickstarter.  Please help our cause for HERE!



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  • Clay Liford on

    Just came across this blog and think you’ve done a fantastic job. This brings me back to my childhood big time. It also brings back the rather vexing issue of the Module A1 "guy-hanging-from-the-rafters’ and his missing leg that haunted me in my youth. I believe I once heard a production story about that one, but it’s since escaped me.

  • Scott on

    Rob: Thanks, these made my youth great and I’ll never forget them for doing so.

  • Rob Gruber on

    These amazing adventures and this awesome art gave me and my friends hours of enjoyment in our youth.

    Great article, great game and I am happy that now through my game store I am able to spread the love of the game to a whole generation of new heroes!

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