When I think of Jim Roslof, it is often in Black & White...

Jim Roslof TSR

Today, as I enjoy work on ROS3 and my Roslof Keep series in The Folio, I can’t help thinking about Jim Roslof and all the incredible black & white illustrations he did over the years. To say that I’m a fan is obviously a huge understatement, so I thought I’d just take a few moments to share some of Jim’s images that have always appealed to me.

Having had the honor of sitting in his drafting chair at his studio and going over how his process worked, I can’t help but see the joy he felt in creating for the genre. It was confided in me that when Jim was at his darkest, it was the love of his fans that kept him going, so I think we can all take some solace in that.

I miss you Jim, and I wish you were still here to provide us all with your fantastic visions of Dungeons & Dragons in whatever form or publisher it took.

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  • jeff wrbelis on

    He was the best of the old school artists.

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