AD&D Modules Jeff Dee TSR

Inspiring, tight, and filled with adventure... This is what Jeff Dee always brought to the AD&D universe, and here are my Top 5 module covers he ever produced.

Slave Pits! Loved is so much, I had artist Brian 'Glad' Thomas do a version of it in Folio #3!

Hommlet... Dee does The Walking Dead before the Walking Dead was cool.  Nuff said!

Natives, Dinos, and Albino Elves... yeah, you had me at Natives.

Again, had to have Brian 'Glad' Thomas do a version of this for a Folio, this time #2.  Just incredible movement!

Tomb of Horrors, and my gaming nostalgia is complete!

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  • Scott on

    Chet: Couldn’t agree more!

  • Chet on

    Probably my favorite of the D and D artists! I remember trying to draw his scenes when I was younger! Plus, he did the best Halflings in my opinion! They weren’t chubby and vulnerable hobbits! They were tough and nimble! I would have never played one if it weren’t for his renderings of them!

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