Ever since I read Stewart Crowley's SpaceWreck: Terran Trade Authority (from my friend Mark Timm's older brother Greg's collection in the mid 1980s) I've been inspired by ghost ships and derelict spacecraft, especially in my science fiction RPGs.  Today, I take a look at some modern takes on downed and broken spacecraft, and hopefully they will inspire you in to great adventures in your next science fiction campaign!

Asteroid fields and space debris, always a good starting point for a creepy 'find'.

Downed craft, dark planet? Check!

Did the characters set off this explosion, are are the bearing witness to it?  You decide!

Hey, if there is no rescue forthcoming, why not enjoy a day in the sun?

As Mick Leach is so fond of asking, NPC of the Day: What is this guy's story?

Heavy plant world, always a good place to hide a ship and a man-eating flower!

Your mission, find the lost ship.  Problem, the natives have already claimed it!

She's broken, and she can't be fixed...

Seriously, what is this story?  Inquiring minds, you know!

If there are 'red shirts', have them go close to the water and then disappear :)

Snow planet, downed ships, single player investigation... yeah, this is going to turn out well.

Is she the players tattered craft or a derelict waiting for salvage?

This one needs a story!

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