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So yesterday I was reminded by artist Brian 'Glad' Thomas the Jim Holloway's first Dragon Magazine cover was actually #41.  This prompted me to take a look at that issue, and as I did, I noted just how many classic artists had b/w (and even color) pieces I'd never really known about before in there.  An hour, and five issues, later, I'd filled a nice little file with some really outstanding images that I thought I'd share with you all today, so I hope you enjoy!

Good old Jack Crane had more than I realized in these issues, and I love his rendering of Tom Wham, who I've had the pleasure of gaming with while at Ernie's place in Lake Geneva.

Yep, you're going to find some Holloway in there, and how much do I love his runed blades!

And his axes!



And his crazed goblins!

Crane again, and boy am I glad I got him into at least one issue of Gygax Magazine before it was no more!

The signature got cut off, but YES, this is a Todd Lockwood from 1980!  Who knew he was that old, right?!

Crane with a little landscape.  It kind of reminds me of some of the art from the AD&D 2nd Edition PHB.

Now I know Jack, and he's really a nice guy who is more known for his whimsical stuff, but frankly, this is pretty bad-ass!

I have no idea who did this, maybe Willingham, but whoever did it, I dig it something fierce.  Note to self, put a huge serpent in an issue of The Folio.

There were a bunch of really fun (and hastily done) images for a game called 'Food Fight' that revolve around a high school.  Jeff Dee and Bill Willingham looked to have shared many of the illos, but nonetheless, this is a Willingham.

Another Food Fight illo, and I have no idea who Mrs. Dunn is, but I'd have gotten nothing done in her class, I promise you that!

Willingham again, for another mini-adventure.

Jack Crane showing off again for a short story I believe.

I don't know about you, but to me this is Willingham's favorite way to pose the ladies, on their back, boobs coming right at you.  Seriously, just look at his work!

Jim Roslof doing a Silkie.  Why its in red tone, I have no idea, but I'll take any Roslof I can get.

And last but not least, a color Erol Otus, and perhaps my favorite of his works ever.  I about died when I discovered it!  Just awesome!

I hope you've enjoyed this nostalgia today, and remember, AotG would love your support of The Folio so we can continue to produce incredible fantasy covers like those above.  Help us help Jim and other great OSR artists!  Subscribe today, or come and support our current Kickstarter campaign.

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  • Chris on

    I’m looking for more information on Jack Crane. I recently found some hand signed sports illustrations from the 1970s Jack did. How can I find out more about his career? Thanks!!!

  • Scott on

    LOL, got it!

  • Chet on

    Note to Scott: have Chet draw that giant serpent in Folio…. :)

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