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Its hard to find a gamer who doesn't like Larry Elmore.  In fact, I've yet to meet one in all my years in the industry.  He's just a great guy, and, like many male artist, he does an astounding job representing what chauvinistic male gamer's love, which is to say cheesecake.  So in honor of the 'Ladies of Larry', AND to showcase some of the incredible prints he's currently got on 20% sale on his website, I'll offer you my thoughts on some outstanding women he's produced over the years.

Honorable Mention:

I got to see this painting 'Caylinn's Journey' in person at GenCon before someone snatched it up. It was stunning, and I'd have little problem coming up with a campaign for this white-clab vixen.


I've played my fair share of halflings, but never did I imagine one being this hawt until Larry showed me the way.  Now I've just got to find a way to put here into my world, but I'm telling you she'll have the last name Thornthistle, one way or the other!


Larry is probably the only artist I've ever seen that can paint a woman blue and make her even more attractive!  This sea elf is more than welcome in the Nameless Realms.


'Avalyne the Life Giver' is certainly one of my all-time favorite Dragon Magazine covers, and to this day it is still stunning.  I've always been intrigued by Larry's feather usage, and I think Avalyne could have a place in the various tribal lands of my world.


My friend Murphy and I played wizards once that were always competing for the same things.  Eventually, we both married Irda, and although I had no great reference for them, in my minds eye this would have been the lovely lady I got.  Sorry Murph, you lose again!


We've all had the two women at once dream right?  Well, I'll take either or both here as there is just no wrong answer to the above riddle.


I have already made a Star Frontiers campaign with this girl in it.  And to answer your question, yes, I married her! :)



My DM Mark can attest that I've got a soft spot for the ladies with questionable moral character.  About 70% of my characters would instantly fall for this incredible drow, but really, who wouldn't?


I've always had a thing for seasonal fairies, and a wood nymph in the winter is so stunning I almost can't tear my eyes away.  Well done, Larry, well done!


I was so taken with Larry's ladies, that I actually had him create the image for a character I'd already played in several campaigns.  Thus, I'm putting Lyssa, my white wizardress, in at the number 2 position.


Aleena broke so many hearts how could she not be #1?  Seriously, I just have to drop the mic and walk of the stage.

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Written by Scott Taylor — January 31, 2016

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