Dragon Magazine Keith Parkinson TSR

Hey, with my current Kickstarter Folio trying to put another incredible piece of Keith Parkinson art out for the RPG world, I would be remiss if I didn't do a feature on his work.  I'm not going to gush over his art here, I'll let it speak for itself, but damn, if you don't love what you are about to see, you're broken inside!

Lords of Lankhmar... I have this module, I've never played it, but by god I've stared at this cover long enough to say that I've mastered it heart and soul!

Pretty sure this one is called 'Fistandantilus's last spell', but if you love or hate Dragonlance, this one still inspires a hearty lust for magical duels to the death. 

Shannara, yep, he mastered that as well!

Some of the best Dragon Magazine covers I ever saw had dwarves in them, and Keith just owns this one!

If I was Gary Gygax and I needed a cover for a new game, I'd have called Keith as well, but damn I'm not sure I would have expected something this kick ass!

Star Frontiers? Done, done, and done with epic appeal.

Novel covers with babes in boots and tiny monsters, you betcha!

Keith MADE Lord Soth.. period!

Need to launch the Forgotten Realms, Keith has your back!

Need to launch Rifts?  Yeah, he can do that too!


Space mercs, prostitutes, and aliens are too easy, but outstanding on the eyes.

Want Keith to create Lolth, no problem, just keep the iconics coming!

Cover Gamma World, yeah, Like a Boss!

Break my 12 year-old heart forever, done, and thank you for doing it!

I hope you've enjoyed this nostalgia today, and remember, AotG would love your support of The Folio so we can continue to produce incredible fantasy covers like those above.  Help us help Jim and other great OSR artists!  Subscribe today, or come and support our current Kickstarter campaign.

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