A Return to Star Wars Galaxies: Part Six

Star Wars Galaxies

                 Can these to star-crossed lovers make it to a shuttleport in time!?

So I was watching Stranger Things on Netflix last night and I couldn’t help wondering if there was ever a moment in SWG when the tension of a horror-like scenario played out.  Maybe the Genosian Bunker, but I’ve not been there since 2005.  I then started imagining me trying to recreate that feel just within the mechanics of the game.

I went to Dath once with a droid engineer looking for steel.  Nothing more nerve wracking than free-mining on the edge of a dark cliff with rancors prowling the valley below…’ Jericho Knox

I came up with this scenario, and I’d like to see how many people will try it.  Go to some secluded location (assuming there is such a thing left in the EMU), remove all your armor and go with normal clothes, be un-buffed in any way, turn off your overhead map, and then wait for it to turn to night (preferably when it is raining, although I know that is hard to control).  Then, once all these situations are in play, turn on your flashlight and try to make it to a town or shuttleport without getting killed!  Consider yourself the hunted, that something is stalking you, and that you are the lone survivor.  Or, even better, try it with a friend!  Nothing worse than having to make the decision to die with your buddy who just drew rancor agro or keep on running!

I intend to try this out if I get a chance this week and see if there is any true adrenaline that pumps during said attempt.   

Reading Note: If you enjoy the nostalgia of these blogs, you might enjoy my pseudo-take on my time in SWG with my Gunsmith series.  You can get a copy here.




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