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I10 Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill remembered.

AD&D Modules clyde caldwell Jeff Easley TSR

Today I’m going to take a look at the art of I10 Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill by Tracy and Laura Hickman.Produced by TSR in 1986, the second coming of Strahd is another very cool addition to the I series of modules. It features David Cook, Jeff Grubb, Tracy & Laura Hickman, as well as Harold Johnson on the design team and comes in a 41 pages of cool content. I think it is a great precursor to the Ravenloft Boxed Set which would appear only a year later.Artwork for the adventure is standard for the time period,...

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B9 Castle Caldwell and the oddity of a TSR comedy

AD&D Modules clyde caldwell TSR

The TSR module B9, released in 1985 proves that during the final days of Gygax’s reign over TSR that there was still a sense of humor around. That is something important to understand, that while Gary himself could be a tough DM, he was always having a joke.So comes this rather forgettable module by Harry W. Nuckols [yeah, I’m not thinking that’s real], and entitled Castle Caldwell and Beyond [which of course is a reference to cover artist Clyde Caldwell]. In all, it is a small series of adventures for character levels 1-3, five to be exact, and all look...

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The Dawn of the Emperors is actually the end of the line for Gazetteers...

Clyde Caldwell Gazetteer Stephen Fabian TSR

When I first started dating my wife I was nineteen and I seemed to make an immediate impact on her family [yes, in a positive way!] Those early years were fun for sure, proving yourself to a family while they also did their best to prove themselves to you. I well remember my first Christmas as a ‘family guest’ and when asked what I wanted as a gift I told my would-be wife’s family that I want a D&D Gazetteer. Low and behold at the time I had no idea that by 1991 the TSR Gazetteer series had already been...

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GW6 Gamma World: Alpha Factor; another odd fail in art for Gamma World

Clyde Caldwell Gamma World Jim Holloway TSR

I have a love of Gamma World that can be traced back to my Cold War infatuation with nuclear oblivion, so make no mistake that I take a good deal of pride in my collection of post-apocalyptic RPGs, as well as my own creations Future Warrior and my After the Apocalypse card game.That said, I’d have to admit that my favorite edition of Gamma World would be the 3rd Edition, and today I’m going to talk a bit about Kim Eastland’s Alpha Factor.Written in 1986, this module is 38 pages of introductory procedure that sets new characters in the Gamma...

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Star Frontiers: Making the Dramune Run one more time

Clyde Caldwell Keith Parkinson Star Frontiers TSR

Today I’m going to take a look at one of my favorite games, Star Frontiers.  The oddity of that claim is that I’ve really only played Star Frontiers once, for a single two month campaign back in 1988.  Therefore, I can only see Star Frontiers as appearing so high on my list of favorite games for one reason, the artwork. The second boxed set, Knight Hawks, brought forth a series of space adventure modules that continued to feature great artwork and one of the best would have to be the 1984 release of SFKH1 Dramune Run. Written by another of...

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