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Looking through Dangerous Journeys is indeed dangerous!

Elmore GDW

I have to wonder what the minds of Frank Chadwick, Marc Miller, and Rich Banner thought when Gary Gygax agreed to put out a new RPG under the Game Designer’s Workshop banner?  I’m sure that was a great deal of ecstasy there, a feeling that after doing this job since 1973 that they ‘gold ticket’ had finally been found. Yet as any old school gamer knows, the release of Gygax’s Dangerous Journeys in 1992 was the incendiary fuel for the folding of the GDW just four years later, with the epitaph ‘Everybody was just really happy to move on’ being...

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Exploring the Art of Star Frontiers

Easley Elmore Star Frontiers TSR

There is no question that I hold a special place in my heart for Star Frontiers, so it is with great pleasure that I can talk about a randomly chosen module from that old TSR classic; SF4 Mission to Alcazzar. The first thing that strikes you about SF4 is the inspired Larry Elmore cover.   Now certainly in 1984, what wasn’t inspired about Larry’s work?  He was truly in the beginning of his prime and this piece is no exception.  I well remember seeing it for the first time and dreaming, literally dreaming, about having my characters own/posses/drive one of the...

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