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Dragon #89: Deep in the heart of the 'Golden Age'

Dragon Magazine Jim Holloway Larry Elmore Roger Raupp

Now, I think each of you know that Dragon Magazine had certain ‘ages’, meaning that there are plateaus of greatness involved in the magazine.  First and foremost, you had the inception issues, the first two dozen that helped define a budding RPG industry, and afterward, from issue 25-100, you had what could arguably be considered the Golden Age of Dragon, where the magazine was nearing the pinnacle of everything it could be and TSR ruled over the RPG universe. Today’s issue hits within the wheelhouse of the Golden Age, as Dragon #89 is an absolute masterwork.  I mean, if you...

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Dragon #103: Art goodness from November 1985

Dragon Magazine Elmore Roger Raupp TSR

I have to admit that doing an art review on any Dragon Magazine is a tough proposition because the bulk of the pages are filled with rather stunning gaming advertisements.  Still, there are three features that you can be assured are always reviewable with the magazine, the cover, the articles, and the comics. Today, I’ll be looking over Dragon Magazine #103.  Obviously, the first thing that is going to catch your eye about this particular issue is the stunning cover by artist Robert Pritchard back in 1984 [the issue itself is from November 1985].  I don’t know much about Pritchard,...

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